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Hang on I’m not done complaining!

My Target, famous for its only having had FF Operetta and FF Ghoulia for the better part of a month (as if they didn’t replace every single FF Deluxe doll sold with an entire CASE of them) has decided to put that (single) Ghoulia and (single) Operetta on sale:

Like, srsly, there are three pegs for them here, and three over on the end cap, in spite of having only TWO OF THE DOLLS AND NO DESIRE TO RESTOCK MORE EVER.

Are these on sale? No. They’re going to sit there till hell freezes over, just like the 2 cases of Music Fest Clawdeen still sitting around.

IS this army of Fusions on sale? No, they’ll just keep multiplying until you have to wade through them to get out of the aisle.

What is on sale?

Hm. Well, its a start but you’ll have to do a lot better than that if you want to move the 22 Clawdias (presumably to make space for the Catacombs).

This has been my daily dollhuntin complaining. u_u

Heartily offended that when you walk into our Walmart there is a giant Frozen section across from the Halloween stuff (right at the front of the store) with the castle and everything, and not, I dunno.. say? MONSTER HIGH??

lol, I mean- it looks out of place with all the black and orange and purple, plus this is the perfect time to put out the catacombs- AND they don’t have anywhere to put it in the actual MH section (which has been reduced to such a small space in the “girl aisle” that they had to add another shelf over on the other side, by the Sofia/Dora/MLP stuff) :

(And this scared the crap out of me the other night cause all the Wofl 4-packs were gone and I thought they had their big sale and sold them all T^T But no, they’re over here with the rest of the FF budgets and FCA that don’t fit on the tiny ass shelves and that they won’t put on sale >_>)

And honestly, they could borrow a little space from Barbie (when I moved to this area Barbie and Monster High were opposite eachother with a fairly equal amount of space and now Barbie has like, 3 shelves worth and everything is a nice even 2” apart and while there are a lot of items there, it looks really empty), at least so all the MH dolls aren’t fighting with EAH to be seen even, and with stuff crammed in so tightly, there is always something falling off a shelf for lack of room. :( 

Why Walmart. Why? u_u

Anyway, I put the last of the FCA playsets and the GNO 4-pack on layway, and picked up the Deluxe CAM and scared silly add on for freyrferret.

Also, Frozen should go away for Halloween and come back at Christmas, no offense to anyone who likes it, I’m just talking about what looks better in stores! lol.

Heard the Die-ner was on sale…

My boyfriend really doesn’t want to drive anywhere (he worked late and got little sleep- I don’t blame him) So I called the next walmart down, to see if they even had the Die-ner playset (that’s the last place I saw it). The first lady had me on hold for more than five minutes, so I called back.  Then she said “Just.. tell me what you’re looking for so I can ask him”

"It’s in the Monster High Sections in toys"


"Monster High. Its a playset, there are two dolls included..

"dogs? There’s two dogs?"

"DOLLLLLLLS (enunciated, not yelled, never yell at CSRs) It’s called the ‘Diner’"

"Ok hold."

Guy picks up: “Sporting goods. What are you looking for?!?”

Repeat. Goes to check.

"The only thing we have is the purse you color and the Fang Scene, ma’am"

"I’m sorry, the what?"

"It says ‘Fang Scene’, with little pieces, like so you can create a little scene?"

"… okay then. Thanks for you time" u_u

Anyone want to wager a guess? O_O Cause shit now I have to drive down

Wigging out last night. Literally. I stayed up too late trying to decide which should go on who (whom?). So late I didn’t wake up til 2 and am making the French toast I planned for breakfast, for dinner now. oops.

Decisions: Mummy CAM has the prettiest face ever. I love her in the dark aqua (the one from the 2nd CAM lab) and the MT Afro wig. I need to make her a hat if I use that one, the top is sparse and the wig cap shows. Actually she looks good in all of them maybe she’ll just wear them depending on her outfit uwu

I kind of like the candy pink on the 2nd CAM body. It’s weird but suits her.

Need to dress my electric eel/sea creature so the mint wig looks better on her. I think I gave away my second one so I’m loathe to cut it.. even though she looks better with shorter hair

My studious kitty can keep the short purple wig. It suits her.

My ice chick… I don’t know about her. Her eyes are too big, her lips too pink. I may just wipe her and start from scratch, she looks like one of those knock offs. oooh well.

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