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Monster High anime tonight! (Edit)


As you might know, the Monster High anime airs in Japan tomorrow, but due to Japan being a few hours ahead of us, it’s possible to watch it tonight, provided you have a livestream of Japanese television.

From what I’ve found out, the anime seems to be airing as part of a show named Oha!, which starts at 6:45am Japan time and airs on the channel TV Tokyo. For people in the UK like me, that means it could be seen at 10:45pm.

I’ll update this once I figure out which Japanese channel is airing Oha!, and if there’s a stream for it.

While looking for a new phone for my daughter (at County Fair mall), I snuck over to Justice and … well… hello beautiful.

Sadly, today is ONLY 40% off.. hrm. NO $17 budgets for me today, thanks. Also, they had no Clawdeen, but they did take my information and said they would call me when they get them in:)

Oh-I know where to come get my Dexter (if I want him).

Also I was happy to see Mine craft stuff in the girls side.. 😀



Whoever’s in charge of the Music video’s for Mattel’s spanish branch needs to give the US team a workshop. This isn’t perfect, but its leagues above the Madison Beer video.

This is such a bop and not only an improvement but a good video on its own. The wardrobe was right the makeup was right the setting was right

It looked like a possible monster school and that puts it leaps ahead over the US video

(Source: leiawonderland)

Ross & Marshalls had a ton of EAH ($12.99-14.99). Mostly basics. Ross (Mira Mesa) had a smidgen of MH. Was surprised to see that abbey there o_O (now I wish I’d gotten that Twyla T^T)

Kohls had no great sales, but I found a cool “Detective” Barbie, and a lot of dirty Draculauras. 😐

Last stop: Barnes & Noble where I was happy to find a couple of beautiful Cedars waiting :)

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