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Selling/trading NIB I Heart Shoes Draculaura






Ghoulia and Elissabat are for modeling purposes only and are not included.

I have a brand new in the box “I Heart Shoes” Draculaura. I can unbox her for you if you’d like so you can save on shipping. The box has never been opened. There’s some very minor wear on the box from…

I’m still on the lookout for Coffin Bean Tora, and will post this for anyone interested in the meantime :)

1. I’m totes excite for the new character dolls we’re getting (Iris, Manny, Golda?, Billy) because honestly what am I gonna do with 21 Draculaura dolls?

2. I’m gonna use that Mo to paint his eyes so he looks like he does on the show.

3. That Scarah with the ponytail is adorable and a second Scarah= more chance for customizing.

4. If Mo’s already getting a second doll- who’s next? Maybe a more readily available Holt?

5. I need a stiff drink thinking about all this, but I can’t afford alcohol right now I’m saving up for dolls u_u

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