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Our latest update features a new “Big Sister” torso, Wolf ears and 2 different sized unicorn horns. These items are meant for use with your Monster High customs. The “Big Sister” is made from a Nefera body. It’s been modified to use CAM limbs, wings & tail. The wolf ears are made from the CAM set. The clips were removed and the post replaced with a threaded rod. The unicorn horns were a request and come in two different sizes. All the head accessories use a threaded rod so you can attach securely without need for glue. ^_^

Oooh, I really hope that since PC’s doing Nefera recast, they’ll end up offering a Howleen recast eventually. I want a correct proportion Draculaura like buuuurniiiing.

Reblogging cause we should all be throwing money at this person

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