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Strange’s Art Commissions


So, like most people I need money now and then to buy things. I’ve never done art commissions before as I’ve never though anyone would want to pay for my art (unlike my sewing, but that’s a different can of worms). That line of thought hasn’t changed much, but recent circumstances have forced me to try. 

That means if you’d like to see your OC or whoever done in my style, Now’s your chance! (Also, as I’ve never done one of these pricing thingies before, if you have any pointers I’m open to those too.)


Torso Lineart: $3/character


Torso Full Color: $6/character 


Full Body Lineart: $6/character


Full Color Body: $12/character 

Just shoot me a message If you’re interested and we can work out the details. :)

Edit: Made a price adjust on the advice of several people. If you commissioned me before the change I’ll keep to the original price, but future commissions will adhere to this. 

That hummingbird1320 or whatever is NOT reblogging or posting sources, just saw they have a few of my pics/drawings with NO CREDIT whatsoever (not just mine- lots of stuff. pan2dapan's most recently). Please don't reblog from people when they post without a source!!! (or instead of just reblogging)

My office is back to having no space what with the new purchases, dolls I have to ship to Finland, and my daughter tossing her unopened dolls in there (after cleaning her room recently to make space for her new desk).

There are dolls on my dining table and under the dining table (left there after the photo shoot last week). And just now I opened up my linen cabinet and two EAH dolls fell out…

…I’d hidden them a few months ago when someone came to visit? O_o


Selling Monster High dolls!

I’m in really dire straights for money so I went through my collection and am selling all of these Monster High dolls. There are quite a few out of the box but they come with their clothes and some still have their accessories. The Deuce comes with everything but was removed from the box at one point, and the other two boxes have never been opened. The Clawdeen on the far left is the Ghouls Alive howling Clawdeen.

I’m looking for $10 a piece + shipping for the loose dolls, but $5 a piece for the beach dolls. I feel this is fair due to some of them being from the first waves of dolls and some of them only missing the box.

I’m looking for $12 + shipping for the Deuce, $30 + shipping for Catrine, and $60 + shipping for the twins.

I’m incredibly sad to see them go but I need the money very badly to pay bills. Signal boosting would be appreciated.

Boosting for a friend!


Am I the only one who feels like swimsuit lines and pajama lines are kind of a waste? I mean they’re cute and all, but I’ve never had any intention of getting them from either MH or EAH. I feel like it’s a waste to buy a whole new doll who barely has any new clothing than a one or two piece bathing suit, small sandals, and a beach bag or sunglasses. It just might be my personal taste, but I prefer doll outfits to have lots of layers and pieces so I can mix and match them with others. That might be why I love the Sweet Screams line so much.

And as far as the pajama/night time wear dolls, it’s a similar feeling, especially when it comes to the Getting Fairest line, because the characters makeup is toned down, their hair is simpler, and their outfits all look like they have the same design. I know why it’s designed that way (girls can’t wear makeup all the time and whatnot), but why would I buy that doll, when I could buy their all jazzed out LD doll or something.

I’m just rambling at this point, but I guess I’d rather have swimsuit lines and pajama lines be fashion packs instead of a whole new doll.

I  actually love the plainer faceups and hair on the Dead Tired- they’re some of my favorites. And I mean, they charge a little less for them so its not a complete waste (and with EAH, you get a little furniture accessory don’t you?).

The Swimsuits…. eh. I think back to my Barbies, when we were able to get a swim suit doll for like $5, and then you’d buy a fashion pack for her… that was the point right? I mean, maybe if they were slightly less than budget ($10 vs $12) but like, I’ve managed to find most of them on sale so I can’t really complain. I just see them as for parents who want to get their kid a doll without spending $20 on it. 

What I do take issue with is multiples. 3 swim suit Dracs or Frankies? How bout each ghoul and manster gets a swimsuit doll, instead. That’s just me.

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