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While we were at TRU yesterday …

OMG there was a mom and her two kids, a girl (maybe 11?) and a little boy (maybe 4-5?) and the little girl was going through the MH dolls like “Oh look at this one” or “or shes SO cute” and explaining who was who to the mom.

The little boy (who was probably imitating big sis) was like “oh SHE’s cute!” and “I LOVE her!” but then hears “Cleo” and says “Oh Cleo, she’s the cutie-est!” and he had the biggest smile on his face and he was so adorable I just wanted to smoosh him ^_^.

Then he was like “whos this? whos this?” to all the Freaky Fusions so I told him it was two of the dolls mixed together, like Clawdeen and Venus and he’s like “… but why is her skin green if this is Clawdeen?” and then the family all agreed that they loved Cleo-lei the best cause she was SO pretty (I think that’s who the girl ended up with)

SO then I went to find my kid because I was sitting there talking about dolls with two little kids and a mom (who seemed totes ok about her son loving them) for entirely too long and I hope I didn’t make her uncomfortable (if so, I’m sorry lady but kudos on your parenting uwu)


I just think a lot about how monster high can make younger kids feel 

like, a young black girl being told by almost literally any media that she needs to straighten/change her natural hair to be pretty but she comes across honey who not only has hair like her but talks about how much she loves her hair 

or maybe a nonverbal disabled child who identifies so much with ghoulia

operetta has a big burn-like scar on her face and she rocks the fashion just as much as anyone else

or girls who learn from clawdeen its totally okay to be hairy, but if you also want to shave thats cool too. and girls who can’t or don’t want to shave can come across marisol and see she’s literally hairy and has thick eyebrows and it’s so not a bad thing

then there’s vandala who has a prosthetic leg and ryder/finn rocking a wheelchair 

and it just makes really happy and fuzzy because you can tell these dolls were designed with these kinds of things in mind and they’re gonna make some children, who probably never see these things about them anywhere in media, very happy 

From Amazon :

"Game Play - Freaky Becky has lost body parts and her accessories! Players must help to put her back together before time runs out.

Features & details
Becky rotates on her base while the player attempts to place her 12 body parts and accessories
When all of Becky’s parts have been placed, the player hits the “stop” button on the base to stop the rotation and the player WINS
If time runs out BEFORE player has finished, Becky will spin quickly and throw off all the pieces that have been placed, and the player LOSES”

I should’ve gotten her at Kmart (for $20), on amazon she’s $27 :(

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